Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pluck U

Here's yet another post on my favorite topic, chicken wings! Pluck U, in my opinion makes the best buffalo wings, bar none. I was first introduced to Pluck U back in the late 80's when they had a location near NYU. Throughout the 90's there were several locations all around Manhattan and all equally good. For some reason, during the 2000's almost all the locations closed for some unknown reason. One closed in the Financial District, another the East Village, another in Murray Hill and then another in Hell's Kitchen.

About 3 weeks ago, after walking around the Hell's Kitchen area on Memorial Day, I stumbled upon a new Pluck U (47th Street and 10th Avenue)!! I couldn't believe my eyes because as far as I knew, the last remaining store was located on Thompson Street in Greenwich Village. I was so happy, ... salvation! I finally got to try the wings and true to form, the same great taste remains! Pluck U is known for their exceptional sauces. I am partial to "Gold" which is the non-hot sauce and mildly sweet. Others like BBQ, Mild, Medium, Hot and Death live up to their name. What's great about this chain is their consistency. A final note about their wings is that they are fried perfectly and never to the point of gristly skin.

For about $10 you can get 10 wings a drink and a fry. There are plenty of side dishes to be had and they're all good. I do not recommend the boneless wings because the bone give the wings better flavor. In the end, Pluck U are not necessarily the cheapest wings you can get, but they taste the best. A final note, the two remaining Pluck U's in Manhattan have very limited seating, so the best way to enjoy them is to take out!

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