Friday, June 26, 2009

Cream Cakes at Quickly

After a satisfying meal at Joe's Ginger last night in Manhattan's Chinatown, I made a delicious new discovery on my way home. As my wife and I were walking down Pell Street, we noticed that a new eatery had opened up to the right of Joe's Shanghai. We took a look from the outside and noticed there was a little window where a man was making small oval-shaped cakes using a 21st century contraption. The contraption consisted of a conveyor belt made of metal cake shapes, which were constantly being filled by two tubes that hung over the conveyor. I took a quick look and saw a sign that said $2 for 8 pieces and $5 for 20 pieces.

Since my wife and I wanted some dessert, we ordered 8 and were really delighted. The yellow cakes were shaped like a lady finger with a texture that was denser than spongecake. Cream was injected inside while it was cooked. Unfortunately, the cakes we had were pre-made and were only slightly warm, but they were still delicious. My wife told me how good they would be if they were just taken off of the conveyor! For those of you who have been to Mitsuwa, a Japanese supermarket in Edgewater New Jersey, this cake is very similar to the round cream-filled cakes in their food court. I liked this one better because of the slightly sweeter taste and the more bite-sized portion.

To finish this story, I took a look at the sign above and saw that the store was named Quickly, a Taiwanese bubble tea chain. I took a quick step inside and confirmed that this was a bubble tea store with limited seating. They also have a limited hot food menu. So if you're in Chinatown, try these instead of the street cart "Hong Kong cakes". In my book, they're moister and tastier!

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