Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cherry Season

Late June is my favorite month for fruit, particularly for red cherries and blueberries. To me, this is "high season" mainly because during this time of year, their sweetness levels are at its highest. I love diving into a pound or two of cherries. I like the ones that look conjoined, because they resemble something funny! Can you guess? :) But I digress... To get the best prices for these two treats, go to Chinatown and get off at the Canal Street Station. All the fruit stands are to be found on Canal Street between Baxter and Mulberry Streets. If you walk south on Mulberry Street toward Columbus Park, you will find more stands at the intersection of Mulberry and Bayard Street. My wife made a discovery yesterday. Some fruit stands were selling 2 pounds of cherries for $5 and some offered the same cherries for $3. It definitely pays to shop around as some locations justify their higher prices by being at a prime sidewalk spot. I can't wait till July as the yellow cherry season begins. I found some in Midtown, but they're not ripe just yet. In a few weeks they should be just fine!

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